Thursday, January 18, 2007

Discovering the hidden Dabhol beach…

I discovered this hidden paradise when I first visited Dabhol along with my friends Atul and Rahul. I remember when Atul suggested, that we visit Dabhol, Enron was the only thing which came to my mind. We were staying in Dapoli and had just finished a tasty breakfast of “Kheema Pav”.

We were also going to the beautiful, underground “Chandika Devi” temple and the fishing jetty. But when he started packing our beach gear too…I was intrigued! “Wait and See”, he said,…“We are going to visit the hidden black sand beach”…

And hidden it was!!…Like a little green paradise. I mean…when we reached Dabhol, even in my wildest imagination, I could never have thought that this town will have such a beautiful and calm beach. Even when we started on a winding road through Dabhol (Atul said, this will lead to the beach!) we were skeptical. But lo and behold! At the end of this road this beautiful, black sand beach with thick sheoak plantations (“Suruche Ban”) lay like a little paradise before us. We nicknamed it the little ‘oasis’. And believe me…there was no one there except the three of us and a ‘Narial Pani Wala’. The sheoak plantations are ideal to relax from the sun and we lay down, looking at the sky – listening to birds chirping! After a few minutes all three of us were fast asleep.

Be sure to include this in your trip to Dabhol!!. It is about 30km from Dapoli. We have provided the road route from Dapoli to Dabhol on our site (

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